Tuesday, August 10, 2010


hello people!

yeah, we are still alive hehee.
sorry for the absence of new post
we've been through lotsa things actually

so, what happened recently :
# daniel has to sit beside cassandara
hahah actually it is a punishment which is given by our form teacher, pn syahaida, becauseofsomethingehem. at first, daniel must sit beside her for a month but then, the punishment is going infinite hahaha. I feel sorry for you Daniel. really weh! now, he must sit beside her till the end of the year hahahah congratssss.

# our blog kantoi d
our form teacher knew about our class blog weh. omg omg hahah.i was seriously shocked but then, it's cool to know teacher is ok and happy with it. you can see it in the shoutmix next to this post. see there? got guest? I guess that's our teacher. haha hai teacher!
oyah, because of that, i think we got to kuasakuasakan Jabatan Penapisan Ekk for our upcoming posts! hahah

#goodbye chewah!
yeahh, who knows about chewah? lift up your hand. hehee, afterall, this chewah is gone. and I'm glad we became like what we are supposed to be back again :)

ok actually there's a lot more. but my %^&%$^ memory is not workinggg. I have a baddddd memoryy. really really baddddd. :(

ok ok.
yesterday we got physics
thank god yesterday we had our experiment for PEKA
very simple experiment, we put the besi thing on a spring and spring balance
then we measure the extension
coool heheh

today agama we went to surau for Adab Menziarahi Jenazah
then nazirul had to be the jenazah
and his teamate, Basileuww and Botet have to pretend like they are visiting the jenazah
today was awesomeeee :D

Bi period, we have to act! hahah
actually this activity had been postponed since last week
but still, we guys never prepared anything hahah
ohh yaa, we acted Gulp and Gasp drama
you can check it in your literature text book
if you are form 4
and if you are currently staying in selangor

everybody done it well
seriously, cool gilaa
we did it seriouslyy

oh yaa, Ramadhan is coming tomorrow! cant wait!
i guess everybody's feeling the same too!

i am blank all of sudden so bye people~