Friday, April 30, 2010


today.. nothing special really30/4/10

today friday
like always sleepy day
friday is the time where u
and i can feel the taste of freedom is jsut around the corner
after friday school we get 2 day off u know
so nice
is the day everbody waiting
that y ppl get so hype when on pn hema time HAHA

like everday
eveything start wit
"irene u look so sleep lke always"

n i told to everbody the same thing

so today first period math
it was very easy
basil got this borang somehting
something malaysia buku rekod
pertandingan like that
n of coz to get ur name in malaysia book record u need to win
so i was like hmm....

after that BI
teacher start the day by saying
"do u like song"
everbody say of coz lah yes rite?
eric say:" if we dun sing it ya we like it haha"
so we have to compose song
i team up wit hafizi eric dhurkesh n irene
i n hafizi is the oni one that are really into making a song
no pirated no tiru
really our own pure lyric n beat

We stand together,
Unite the fate,
We hold together,
To through out our misery,
Never surrenderX2 in our life
We have each other to live with.

Our heart is beating,excitedment is over flowing,
We are together, throught the reality,
Nothing can stop us, we are unbeatable
TOGETHER we are Awesome~~~~~

Ow yeah...

both of us idea jsut keep coming up we are unbeatable
n of coz three of them at there
just chating
then fuad n nazirul came
n check up our song
we have a very nice day
wit both of them help
we cna get the song even more nicer haha
then i tell hafizi"if our kejaye tk berjaya we can compose song HAHAH"

recess time
they all at my table n start talking aobut teh song
then irene coem wit her tupperware
fuad say:"iren what bread is that?"
irene:my mum make oen this bread got curry inside
then she give us some
it was very nice
me fuad n hafizi taste it
then our sivik teacher
spoil our mood

"haris kamu mane leh makan makanan dorang.... tk halal"
i was like"maneade cikgu"
3 of us kinda er.......
nazirul say if oni potato is ok

after that addmath
again got ppl wan to find adlina
the reason is she didt pulang kan buku AGAIN HAHAHAHAHA
then addmath goes by liek that
i buzy doing work n talk to alin n bla3
so that all for today bye!

AT LAST MY GOD 28/4/10 in the evening

                                                               yas group cupcakes!
                                                 yas hand the holding the cupcake n hafizi deco
this is the evening story...
plz read zeeha punyer on 28/4 below this post
n i know kinda slow we post the psot
i try to as fast as i can
but zee
she wan to get to perfection
ask ok or not
us "the" or not
i was like
haha zee no offense

so like what zee say
i told her how awesome is THE CUPCAKE!
well most ppl do muffin
the winner muffin also
my group muffin also
i see oni hafizi group that
really look like a cupcake

well my group irene darshini n munchi
i was shock(no experience)
2 egg oni ar?
otehr ppl 5-7 egg
i like ok..
so we stir n stir
from yellow
to white
to very thick brown

then our group is the slowest done
atleast its fun :)

hafizi group cupcake look so nice

no offense guys

so there go the day
at the bilik masak from 2.30 to 7
so long.
very very meriah
all taste nice
of coz got some not so
well biar lah!

                                                               my group cake of coz?
from the one u dun know
Haris lah
u know haris?

SO-TODAY *28/4/10*

Okay. Todayy, it was like happening and totally kalut, uh, i dont know.

Our day in school starts with assembly & so on. But then, pengawas have a meeting. Blablabla. Next, we (nazirul. eric & me) are walking back to class when Pn Azliza asks us to open the hall door. Then I  look at my watch, gahhhh, 8 am smtg, it's okay, we just go & take the keys at the pejabat & open it. Then we go back to class, & OMG it's physics periodd, aaaa, haha,

After about 10 minutes, all the pengawas suddenly stand up & go out of the class. The rest of our classmates are like, "what happen? wtf (?)?" did you? I just say lah haha. Then we go spotcheck. Hahha, Amirah told me my liquid paper also was taken by the pengawas who are in charge for our class, aaahh, sokay haha. The situation was like happening gila because we do the spotcheck all at the same time. Heehee,

BM period of course like always ----- KOMSAS haha. We learn cerpen todayy, memori seorang tua. I love that story, err, i love all the stories haha. There is a moment in class where cermin mata also involved in the spot check thiggy.

Actually, today I am not being myself, that's why I dont really remember what happened exactly but it's okay right?

Chemist period, we laugh and laugh and laugh again. Eh, teacher's so so cool you know, soooo funny, i love you teacher! WE love you teacher! Haha & the funniest part where we all laugh like hell is when teacher tries to change our names into chemical properties (?). Examples, irenide, hariside, adlinide, haha, loooooooooooooool. & here comes the worst part --- teacher gives us tons of homework, then we are like what the hell? ahhhhhhh -,-

Bio period, teacher suddenly mengamuk. Yes, this is so real haha. Teacher mengamuk because some of us go to see Pn shahaida (she asked us to) to plan for the jamuan thinggy. Act today we must do an experiment on errr, albumen or something haha. But time by time, teacher is okay.

and today, time moves supremely extreme fast! (?)
is it? keke.

Then I stay back at school to wrap the gifts for hari guru. We gossip hehe. There are me, amirah, ummi, alin, amira haris, in the library.

..while part of our class who are joining the cupcake baking competition, are preparing themselves & the utilities. Huh. I am the biggest fan of cupcakes & sort of it includee muffin! Yummy! But I didn't join for some reasons. Hmmmmmmmmm, I feel bad + so sad sad.

But haris just called me, telling just now was awesome and meriah. Eh, i love meriah! & haris, why are you telling me all this, you just make me feel worse :(
but it's okay as long as all of you had lots of fun there! The way you tell me just now, it seems like you had a great great timee with them lah haris. Ayyo.

I think that is all for.................

Eh wait! Yah. Dhurkesh was absent for these two days & idk why. WHY?

& I think that is all for now honeybees!

Lots of love,

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Irene the bufflo 28/4/2010

uh , uh .... (*cough .....)
let me introduce myself ....
im the person who like to draw smiley ~~~ * :) :P etc ...
if u noe me , then u noe hu am I ...
if dun , then biar je ~~ keke ...
today ........ 28/4 ~
so fast , time reli goes so fast !!!! T.T
can i change the hours system ?!
i wan to change it from 24hrs to 48hrs !!
p.s : actually i wan to sleep more ... :P                                                                             
always sleepy je , like basil and haris always tell me : “Irene , u look so sleepy today ~ “
as usual , schooling , having lesson ...
haizzz ~~ so boring ~ DAMN BORED !!!! Y.Y
first lesson was BM !!!
pn. siti nazira asked us to write karangan which the topic was about H1N1 ( wawancara) 
she gv the points , then we write ................................
i oni copy de pendahuluan , then juz stopped at there ~
haris the Mr.THIN , came to sit at beside cassandra ~ *wohooo , gud 4 u !!!
darshini , haris and I juz simply chat O.O
no mood to write , juz chat and chat .......
suddenly teacher came to check ,
WOW ~ i saw de new guy wrote many !!!!
teacher juz nagging at there , said us oni write the 1st paragraph , BLAH BLAH BLAH ~~~
then agama or moral ...
damn hate moral !!! i dun noe the other malay students like agama or not ...
keke ~~~~
after moral , then sivik ~ T.T
*sleepy ...
continue asked us to become a gud human being ... ==|||||||| *moral/agama & sivik
then , RECESS !!!! 
aiyo , koperasi no stok ,
so freeeeeeeeee ~ TT
pn.lee , when got stok ?!!!! pls tell me !!!!
i dun now why ,
the pihak skolah ,
like to put the same kind of subject together ~
b4 was mora/agama & sivik ,
then after recess maths and +maths ... ==|||||
YEAH , bilik TV again ... air-cond ..... 
but it makes me feel mengantuk !!! cant tahan ady .. keke ~~~
then asked us wan to participate for the baking cup cake = muffin or not ~
we all reply : HAH ?! GOT MEH ?! * i dun noe u all reply wat , i juz simply write . :P
i wrote my name , darshini , munchy’s and haris too ~ 
UNBELIEVABLE ... haris oso got participate ... hehe ~~
new chapter for us , chapter 6 : statistic ..
sounds like a vy boring chapter zZzZzZZ 
after that , is pn.hema’s TIME ~
she asked us to write the answer for the F.E 5.4 ~
then i volunteer to write the ans ,
suddenly she asked me : irene , how u noe got 15 chocolated inside the tupperware ?
i ans : cuz teacher said mah , between 11-20 , so i juz guess 15 lor ~ 
we all writing the ans ... 
then new chapter again ==
but is about coordinates ~ ==
when pn.hema writing de notes for us ,
fuad started to sing ~ lalalalala ...
pn.hema’s fav quotation : hey ~ hu singing ?!
keke ...
*lazy to write ... juz skip many incident ~ 
she as usual , gv us h/w ~ haizzzz ...
i juz join a fb club : IM NOT DESIGN TO DO HOMEWORK .. wohooo ~
hey guyz , join too !!! :P
fuad sang again .. * my ears is bleeding ~~ 
Ring ~~~~ 
we all packed bag and say thanks to pn.hema ..
tats the end of the story ~ ==

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


(Wow!!! First time posting in this blog...)

Okay, So the suffer of the day is Sejarah. The period where everybody will be obedient as a golden retriever...We suppose to make use of those 2 periods to prepare a presentation about chapter 6. Well, those lucky ones suppose to bear the comments given by the teacher after they gave their speech ( Lucky I was the Writer...). When the speech was given...Pn. Shahaida make sure that all of us understand this chapter but everybody just pura-pura tahu shj........

After that, here comes the main entertainment! English Lesson, Everyone will take part in their acts (shows/ Drama) in groups. Well, every show on television has a judge, so Simon Cowell of the class will be Amirul.( Not spotting at all....Haizzzz). My group is about war, and we agreed among ourselves that the lesson of the story is fighting does not resolve anything!( Flashback!! The story suppose to be war, so we chose Genghis Khan and Shahrul Khan (because they share the same' Khan...) as one of the characters!! Then somebody gave an idea about Zee's Father..Ziarat Khan because they share the same Khan as well and it'll be funny!!! But after that we chose not too because it'll look like we're playing with other people's father's name..After that, we thought of the setting..Where will this so-called 'WAR' takes place? And Still, We thought of Zee...PAKISTAN!! To make this comedy even funnier, we changed the War Hero Genghis Khan to SateiKHAN..Well, KHAN is there....But the prize, what will be the prize? Everyone here are guys, and a guys weakness is beautiful girls!!! So we thought again, there are no beautiful girls in the group, so we turn Dhurkesh into a Beauty Queen and acts as a waitress is a high class restaurant. You know the rest when 2 guys fighting for a girl(a boy actually). To make a Bollywood style Gangsters film, we agreed that all must die.LOL). Well, you know the rest...

I'm so sorry for all the other groups...I'm suffering from Short term Memory Lost...I'm so Sorry. I'm out of ideas to write something out...Instead, here's a link for a nice song.( Although its a month old but its still a nice song.Links for Download aren't available yet unless you know how to copy the link to a Internet Download Software!!)◕‿◕

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

me again huh? 26/4/2010

today post should be dhurkesh but nvm i ask zee
then zee forget then is my turn again

in the morning..
i irene,fuad,darshini, nazirul, n basil
got skecth
so we lakon lah
in front of the whole school!
it so embrassing....
anyway all goes well

then not much think happen lah
oni ppl keep tease me with my GF!
damn u guys hahaha
sory nth much to say bye!
i will upload ASAP n edit

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday morning... 24/4/10

                                          2 same bottle mine n fizi... nazirul n fizi..... censorship

n its on saturday
most of u maybe thinking..
"for what go to school"
"at home sleep better"
n of coz most of ur parent lets u guys ponteng

oni 20 ppl present
n 15 absent
is a gud number
coz other class lowest 3 ppl hahaha

anyway lets start the day
today is a special day..
another special day
is Hafizi birthday!
Happy Birthday.....
                                                                          fizi n his Bff
first time is bm..
like normal do rumusan
do do do then got pemahaman somemore aiya

next PJK
well teacher not around
then suddenly Adlina call me,fuad,n zirul go to 3B
for the next week monday
so we bincang2
no real naan
use oni some cardboard hahaha

then Bi
we get into group
n we start talk about QWERTYUIOP
is a novel to those that dun know..
the setting, the character the bla3
who cares
then i on my phone n put in my pencil box
n listen to song haha

then there we go recess

wait is.. sejarah before recess
ok sory

then is our heart warming teacher
Pn Syahaida
she like always
give some
ayat ayat "sayang"

then ask us to do objectif question
luckly abc oni
for once
this is the easiest sejarah i ever been on form 4

then now the recess
i was a quite nice recess
so little ppl
at canteen
n for the first time
fizi go to recess
n eat something hahah
after that got to koperasi buy again the oat kruch
so nice haha

50sen u know
how expensive is that
but its nice..

then there we sit at anjung
i nice coz got few ppl
                                                         few ppl n fuad taking photo haha

after than chemistry
the one that come today wont regrats coem to school
sory what everhappen
oni the one come can understand 100%
n i dun know how to explain hahahahah
i even ask zee hwo to explain n she say
"its jsut too awesome"
there u get that

then last biologi
fuad basil n nazirul hilang fine cardboard
n we at class stuck wit PEKA
after awhile
when almost finish school they back wit
zirul like it

                                                                 zirul is on the kekotaks
hahah thats all for today
is a awesome day!
thankyou for wasting ur time to read my post
                         Yang True
yang berhormat besar

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pouring ideas – 23/4/2010

AHA. Hi there, this’s the 4th post on this blog.

So, our day in class 4A starts with Maths by Puan Ong.
Nothing much, did some solving problems on chapter 5 & quiz .
Homeworks like usual, Puan Ong won’t miss that for sure!

English was fun! Miss Naajima gave us a task about creating a story,
sorta like a movie. A short movie. We start getting into groups & start talking(discussing). Yeah, we did talk a lot then. Fuad & Nazirul wants to join my group but got rejected by Zeeha. How sad, sorry guys! & owh yeah, my group had a lot of ideas in mind, we talked a lot. Ideas are being poured out too much. I remembered Nazirul was doing his ULBS but no one was listening kotttttt.. HAHA. Get prepared people coz we’re gonna start representing this task by tomorrow! Will be looking forward on it :D

I was not in class during Civics. Puan Hema called me to the staff room along with Irene, Darshini, Zeeha, Fuad, Haris, Nazirul & Basil. She called us to perform on next Monday for launching of Maths Week. We have to do a sketch on how to apply Maths in our daily life. Zeeha & me never wanted to perform, it was embarrassing. We had trauma issues due to some embarrassing experience back on those days – zaman dulu2, kan kan Zee? HEHE. So, everybody was kinda blur when Puan Hema wants ideas for the sketch.
Luckily, somebody, I don’t know which boy, haha, who gave an idea about doing a scene at some restaurant & there’s this fighting scene maybe between Darshini & Irene. BLA3..


During +Maths(Puan Hema again), we need to do Formative Exercise 5.4. Did the questions. Soooooo difficult. I can’t imagine answering it on the exam. Especially question 2! Ehemmm, anybody solved the question already??? Please, I’m begging, if you do, please donate the answers to me.. weeeeheeee.. The narrator, actors & actresses went in front of the class to practice the sketch when Puan Hema called them. I felt so happy to escape from it with Zee… HAHAHA. We don’t need to perform! Yayyyy!
& that was all for today,,,

To those who will perform on Monday,
I wish u all GOOD Luck!
*thanx for giving me a chance to post as well!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Zeeha the carnivor time 22/4/2010

zirul on the skill

if u see, there somethign zee throw... the the white thing is paper that she aiming for dhurkesh

Today. This year of course. It feels so different to be in class when we were just started 2010. With those new people, with the changing environment- from a calm, odor-free, hideous class to stinky (from the garbage which is not so far from our current class), noisyyy (there are lots of budak petang, small kids, always make noise, it's really disturbing you know), hot (because the fans work like 100 years old man only like what Pn lee said this morning haha). I miss our old class huhu. But now, okay lah, I (& we) can manage ourselves in our veryyy curent class because it's bulan May already. But we still want to fight for our old class! Haha.

Today was really fun actually. At school of course. Altho Pn Norran kinda mengamuk today because almost all the student never do Physics work. Yah. Including me. Seriously, I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! teacher never give clear explanation about the homework la. Ayyo. haha. and you know what, yesterday I texted 6 people (or more I guess) about physics homework. But NO ONE replies me. Huhu so sad.

This morning also, in BM period, teacher asked us to come out & act. For komsas of course, the drama. So, Fuad, Azreen, Dhurkesh, Vimmal, Alin, Low came out. Hahah they were awesomee! Seriuoslyy, I never esxpect that. You guys seriously can be a very good actor. HeeheeThere was also a scene where Low (as Tuk Wali) is killed by I-dont-remember-who.

I Okay back to the camera story. I took kinda a lot of picture of our class. Haha, there's so much fun just now! Bio class also.& LOOOOOOOOOOL too!- LotsOfLovee :) Haris also brought camera to school. He took lots lots lots lots of pictures. Yalah. I am a shy person. That's why lah I didn't take looooooooots of pictures like what he did. haha.

Im thinking about putting some pics here.
But since my internet is acting like a buffalo,
Later lah I put the pics. Okay?

p/s; Lama tak tulis macam ni. :)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the biggining of the biggining 20/04/10

           the culprit behind all the mystery of smiley

today i bring camera to school for the first time...
for this year.
hi my name is haris
n there will be more ppl i will give the right to write something
later they will tell their names

a anoymous(i forget dy) tell me..
y dun you make a blog about our class
n i think
"boleh juga"

then i been thinking to make a blog about our class
i wit soem other will put alot new stuff in blog
for form 4 2010

our beloved... most respected N most honored class teacher..
puan Syahaida
no picture of her coz i too scare to take her picture

today everthing go about the same
first subject is agama
like always
the non muslim go to other class

then mathematic
our Pn Ong!!
well same also
still give us homework evertime n she nvr didt give

then fizik
Pn Norran
fizik we learn about some velocity something

the Sejarah hohoho
teacher will cal everbody
n ask to go infront
n talk something about bab 5
until she sastified then she ask to sit
the only one that too honest to teacher is faiza
she told teacher she didt read a thing
she been punish by standing outside the corridor there
so sad
n zee time is like "DIORANG"
teahcer say "JGN diorang lg!"
then we laugh ..zee laugh even louder
then diorang again until teacher ask her to sit back hahaha

then there BI
well that the time we all take most of the picture of the day
coz teacher is nto around
"aww!! so sad teacher is not here"
i feel sad by walking around the class
crying(laughing) around
sit(walk) around..
the whole class feel the same
n there dever pride came down again
these is the aswer i get from interviews his geng
"dever is a girl!":dhurkesh
"hes the rapist":kiren
"hes gay":vimmal

then a picture show u the scene from the crime
as Mr. Dever try to rape Irene
then Dever like"RAWR!!"
then got to powerfull enuff guys to stop the dever
to make his move
that is our kiren n vimmal

(all this is just a act, if u like it u can give us some donation money. Term n Condition apply)

that the end of the 20/10 thank you for ur support for my first post

the guy that WROTE this :Haris