Sunday, May 30, 2010


sorry for not posting anything for a long long long longg longggggg time.
we are taking our exams actually
for 3 weeks, yeah three weeks.
it might seems, errr, common for you but it's new to us.
3 weeks of exam papers mean 3 weeks of tortures.
with the black circles around our eyes,
blurrr mood.
LAZY MOOD aahahha. that one can't be avoided.

exam is tough. yaa, really really really challenge us. but we are coooool man. *cool lah sangat

it's chemist paper tomorow.
Im dead mann! lots to remember.
& for paper 3s, omg idk what to say anymore!

you would not believe your eyes,
if ten million fireflies,
lit up the world when we take exam.

cause they'd fill the open air,
& leave  answers everywhere,
you'd think me stupid
but we would just struggle with each other,

we'd like to make ourselves believe,
that planet earth turns very fast,
It's hard to say that I rather stay awake when I'm sleep
for just revising things that we won't remember.

cause we get a thousand talks,
from teachers, dad and mom,
as they upset with the marks we get.

there's nothing above my head
and nothing beneath our desks,
the fans just work like 100 years old man

we'd like to make ourselves believe,
that planet earth turns very fast,
It's hard to say that I rather stay awake when I'm sleep
for just revising things that we won't remember.

p/s; fireflies by owl city.

okok enough with that. I think I should read books by now


Saturday, May 15, 2010

GOTONG ROYONG TODAY (dont rmmbr the date arghhh)

teacher asked us the day before to wait for her at lobi.

I arrive school a bit late. sorry but I woke up late a bit because I slept kinda late last night.
When me & Mirah reach lobi, we see teacher Syahaida & ummi & mira shaz. After a minute, haris comes with her mother. haha there you go, you made it!

then we just walk around, thinking should we go to canteen since there's hell lots of people, kitorang kan pemalu. ahahahhh. we just stand around surau. after canteen is nearly empty, we go there to drink some water, thirsty though.

everyone is at laman informasi!
OMG what to do. actually we want to lepak at canteen till the perhimpunan finish but teachers ask everyone at canteen to go perhimpunan. so we just go. ehehe. we walk behind MIC group to prevent people at perhimpunan to stare at us ahahhhah. puh-rarh-san.

everybody include my gang move to the gotongroyong place, but me, I have other things to do first.

at kelas, we bring out all our equipment which is obviously kain buruk. arghhhhh. then we (me ummi mirah yas) look for ustazah to take a pail (eh?) and yeah we got it. but must clean it first because there are cat (cat not cat ahah) or something. then we fill up the pail with water, half ful, and bring it upstairs.

next, they start sweeping the floor, cleaning the tingkap, which are covered with 1 inch of dust. and you know what, petang session of our class put the most effort to clean up the class hahha. Im not saying that my bro is hardworking or what ok, ahahha, and im not saying that we dont do all the clean up work or something. we do! ahahh.

ok. my bro & I did argue just now ahah. small small one.

then we all make some decorations and discuss with teacher about this monday. yeahh. we really should bring lots of tikar (pls ye kawan kawan, it's tikar! not karpet or permaidani ahhahha) since we have to divide our class into two ----- one part is for budak petang. haihh. so we just sit down, bersila, but the teachers will sit on the chairs, but actually, it sounds cooool you know, put the shoes at the doors, sit at the floor on the tikar, like rumah sendiri, awesome! can't wait hehe.

just imagine if we are using our old class, the no-need-to-kongsi class, surely no need to divide and all that. but it's okay, sharing is caring ahahhhaha. sokeyyy budak petang, we love you aahaha altho there're lots of sampah. ahahhhaha.

teacher wants to go back early, 10 am. yeahhh, earlyyy! but it's ok, and still, just now was cool hahahhh altho just few people came.

after locking the door & so on, they go back home. but not me & mirah, and the kaum adam (maya ahaha) because I dont know why ask them. me & mirah go to dewan. practising our text for monday & stuff.

after that we go back to MY home ahah. cooooooooool. lol. SENDIRI!!!

ehh you know what, today school's awesome, meriah gila! seronok!

p/s; cant wait for monday!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

tipical wed n thurs 12,13/5

on wednesday..
the day was veryvery very nothing special
in the morning some stupid karangan...
about.. hari ibu

then Agama again..
she kinda bad mood..
when she angry is nothing gud about it

then sivik
she just give us what coming out at exam then do our own work

learn about cumulative frequency something
new stuff but eazy

addmath learn somehitn glha
of coz lah VERY important!

after school i wit daniel go to 5A class
n go meet pn.Lee
n wish
HAppy birthday!!!!!
HAppy 25 Aniversary AGAIN teacher!

then i went to Daniel house..
his mum very kind
then bla3
at 1.50 waiting for the time go to scholl
he open his tv n watch Hannah Montana..
so funny
hahahah new episod for me lah

after that go math n science
n play saidinar n scrable
i idea ok
evne i not Mth n science
ADlina i know lah u win the game

then got the final chosing for hari guru
the Rentak hijau
U guys are the greatess!
even i cnat join but next year i try

n got this group..
they ar like ekk..
biar lah
uztazah hanani tk bg terus kan

PJK replace wit 3 mase fizik
it was very very long
n honestly
i oni understand some..

BOM some komsas lah ishak something
about a boy ...
at kampung...
that all lah
not everystory have a trilling tale u know

HAppy birthday TEAHCER!
we sing like 3 time coz some haven come in
each oen come in we sing again hahahaha
then we learn alot
so fun
then at alst we sing again 3 time HAHAHAHAHAH

nothing special lah
i was kinda boring
nobody to join conversation
so i at the basil sit
do nothing
practically nothing

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

todayness ahahhha 11/5

uh-oh. exam is coming closer. wish us lots of luck luk luck :)

my starts with a smile (really ah?)
like always, we (me kesh ummi) jaga the pagar, and dhurkesh is absent. why laa. you know what, today, there was like hell lots of people late to school! like really really although there's an event in the balai gemilang for spmr (spm & pmr) candidates of smkdd1.

while me and ummi are walking back to class, we talk a light chat. the moment we walk into the class, everybody's like staring at us without any smile while reciting the ayat hafazan, and that's much caused by the mood, i can feel the mood flows in the air, the dullness mood, ahahhha ayat tabolebela. ustazah is actually mad because they all read the ayat hafazan so slowslowslow, waaaa~

then, pn ong dont enter our class for math period because like what i have said before, there's an event at the dewan tuh-dey, the Akujanji Calon SPM dan PMR SMKDD1. gasak. and actually I must be there too as one of the majalah sekolah members. kekeke. 

there's lots of scene of criessss, huggiesssss, so sad & emo. :"(

the ceramah is kinda cool actually because I put all my attention at the motivators ahhhah which I rarely do.
me & yasmin had a great time there.

back to class, they say Pn hema taught them lots of new topics. GOSHHHHHHHH, we're unluckykykyy :"(

sejarah period is one of my cant-wait period. yeahh. so cooooool lahh. we laugh a lot. ehehehe. & today nazirul got a new adik, syahira fadila ahahha. today also got presentation,

last two period is bi period. teacher dont come. so we do all the works given by teacher naajima. then basil borrow my camera and snapped lots of pics ahhhaha so funny.

"kau pemilik tulang rusukku, amirah"

his fav phrase ahhhaha. 

so, till then,



Monday mayday monday mayday

I hate monday. & obviously, you too right? angguk! ok. back to the story.

today, (lets pretend like it is monday today ok dont ask me why ehem ehem)
errrrr, there's perhimpunan.I guess everybody hates that, ek? huh. sorry I cant eloborate no because I dont know why, I cant remember a thing also about what happened yesterday. like suffer from short term memory loss je but see laa. idk why huh!

me & ummi of course like always, jaga pagar. eh, with dhurkesh too. on bm period, we do some tatabahasa skills exercise or something. ok that's simple & simple's good because simple is not boring ahah! eh, today I bring camera to school you know. (really ke?)

then, err, pjk, we copy notes by notes, words by words, gossips with gossips. eh. salah. ahahha. B O R I N G. Bi period teacher dont come & she asked us the day before (& before) to revise the novel. seeee! the title of the book also I forgot  alreadyyyy. gahhhhhh somebody pls pls pls help meeeeeeee!

oyeah, it is Chemistry timeee! *with no-feeling face* teacher gives us a book, a photostated book of a book (?) ignore. ahhhh! then bio teacher never come, so we do the works teacher left for us, and we're rushing to finish it because asked us to send the book today. WTH today? okok. then he says that he just said so because he wants all of us to do the work ahahhahhha. run devil run! AOS.

then we go back home & woryy worry worry woryy about exam which is just around the simpang tiga!

*sorry, the post isnt that interesting, Ive lost my memory

coming-soon-exam modee,

Friday, May 7, 2010

life problem... 4-7/5

due too somekinda of problem
n dun have a cooperation from somebody*cough2*
nt you zee
zee forget her day so nvm

we late posting
n of coz some Random anousymous...
nvr give some suppport also
tell that ***********
n **********
well if u dun like it go die
n get the out from here

so let start it
on tuesday....
well lets see
6 mase so free
pn syahaida dun have,inggeris dun have,fizik dun have
feel like this is the time where
u so free at school till u can die

on that day it self everbody keep ask me
y lah u break bla3
i was like half dead answering so many question

n on monday.. tambah yas punyer
fuad get a GF clap2
today i see fuad so different so enegetic n even giler
but when free time he just sleeping
like a zombie tk cukup tidur

today nothing special happen really...
every wednesday start wit KARANGAN
my god
about nyamuk denggi
well i suprise it so easy to write i actually done the work n pass up haha
then agame....
then Sivik
today is teacher pernilaian mase
got ppl come n nilai teacehr
so we have to be good girl n boys
listen what teacher say

it start wit a cardboard
then got agame kitab bla3
i sitting beside fuad that time
teacher say any sukerela?
fuad say lets go..
i also gogo
then a pack of human start go front
n start tampal2

after that we dengar n dengar
then the penilai blah...
we also bising balik
n i was tought today sivik kinda boring...
suddenly teacher keluar kan Oatkrunch
it is like the whole class favourite stuff
teacher say
"sape yg keluar td... boleh ambik"
i wil fuad snap from the sleepyness
n say we yg first hahaha

we get n fuad straight away buka n eat
n left one for his... well u get the point
i also open lah
n i can see amirul face of dissapointness
coz he didt jawab n didt get the biscut
padan muke

rehat i was gogin around the school cari kiren n dhurkesh bg the biscut
kiren was very gud give me the thing
n dhurkesh sure he ambk one

we learn about some kind og graph

addmath tkde special also lah

start wit PJ
well coz of PJ one mase
most of us malas to change clothes
n teacher ask us to run pamping
wit our school clothes
ape nk buat
buat je lah
then run who alst kene denda
of coz u guys think i the slowest rite?
but i didt get the punishment even teacher take top 5 last u know
coz i not the last ok..
then fizik we lean about inert
everthing got inert

then BM KOMsas about MErah silu soemthing
about a raje like to berjudi
judi is not good u know
i dun know y the hell u wna to judi
then recess i at pusat sumber
wit daniel
start to talk about life... n stuff

then chemist teacher amke joke again hahahhaha...
learn something new again

teacher not here again...
go sofball

that all for thursday

Friday... that is today where i writing now
it start wit Math
i thought fuad ponteng again today
suddenly he come
oh he came..

then azila tell me that fuad n his gf dh break
n i was like
what the?
i shout to fuad: what happen lah dei!
fuad:got lah something
me: it is like just 4 days..
fuad: yes haris 4 days

then BI
too bad no singing
some already get exicted to sing
but we are learn about
a story about the typewriter is getthing hunted
n a lady supposely
she is not bright enuff but brave enuff to talk to ghost
n that "chat"
i convince the typewriter have internet on it
coz it sound like they using Ym to "chat"
n at last the ghost say bye n she bye..
happy ending

n yah... today is Azilah birthday
i give her somekinda of vase that i tought made in japan
coz i buy at japan store
but she show me is china made
we laugh... haha gud time
that gift i buy for 1 year already
is originally for "her" but tk jadi

then sivik been replace by fizik
again we struggling to learn before dateline

then there addmath
nothing new
teacher again check who tk hantar
i pass both book
n of coz some not so lucky kene marah hahaha

so that all thx for read it
is kinda a brainstroming i try to remember what happen
but i manage to think the whole 4 day
n rewrite it
plz enjoy read it

Thursday, May 6, 2010


strong apologies for posting this late. something's wrong with my internet lately,
but yayy! i've fixed it. okay, no more mumblings and crapping, let's just start with the story already!

3/5/2010 and that's a Monday. our day in school start off with the perhimpunan.
as there was this watikah perlantikan for the librarians, we went into class rather late.
and BM was nearly over, but sadly cikgu Siti Nazira went into class and sempat gave us rumusan and pemahaman as homeworks.

then, PJK. GODDDDDD, i hate PJK. doesn't even feels like pj anymore. u guys know why lah..
for the girls, we had some notes and the boys...umm, i'm not sure what u guys did.

english. Miss Naajima was not around, so she left us with some homeworks - literature.
kene buat and paste them in the book, if not, must pay to the teacher. ngee~~

recess. makan makan, cakap cakap, bla3..

everyone then was super duper happy coz cikgu Syahaida tak ade. HAHA, seronok seronok.
no presentations and no homeworks.

after that, had chemistry. we enjoy learning chemistry not until Puan Lee gave us the physical properties and 3 experiments as homeworks. =_=

then, biology no teacher also. some of us wants to go home early, but suddenly there's this guru ganti enter the class on the last period. she has this serious expression on her face that just freaks me out. so, sebab takot sangat, tak jadi nak balik awal. so sad.

and that is all.

gomen nasai,