Thursday, July 15, 2010

Again this week on 4Arif, july 15 n of coz the rombongan

list of event!
-english project, ROBOTS.
  My team win
    -me of coz
-homework duh

-pn noran mengamuk again

-some conflict
-ok i lie alot of conflict happen

-sejarah perbentangan

-poor azila. for some reason,

and our kelas koperasi only get well
thats little!
ape nk buat

-Dhurkesh pregnant hahahahha

-a class rombongan-like to Mid Valley to watch Twilight Ecplise
  10 orang tau

i dun wan to nag but i the most busy ppl for this trips
have to think ,call ,cancel alot of stuff
who doest not agree i dun care
so plan is 2 group
original plan
8am n 9am
but irene tk jadi lak
since we late coz of her
then i call everbody n change to all 8.30
and our adlina haiz
tk angkat2
tidur je
but of coz at alst she ambik the phone

at alst we start about 9.00+
msot of us thinking
"can we get space?"
i was like dun know
while orapupu say " boleh nyer lah, hang cepat2 beratur"
so we take her advice
of coz the only reliable advice
and the one beratur n yas, ADLINA
(sory for wrong info)credit yas

and thanks to them we get PLACE!
even abit far apart
atleast nobody i sit alone

afthat eat at pizza hut
yas iwani n zirul not eating

then some of them go back ealier
while me daniel fizi nazirul orapupu n my daugther of coz lambat sikit
adlina folo her dad coz her dad is around...(creepy n i dont dare disturd her when i find out hahaha)

and for nothing to with 4A is hafizi n daniel come to my house
pengetua house to be more accuarate

lots of fun
of coz i the one taking photo

Sunday, July 4, 2010


so hari koperasi that everbody been waiting for
thinking what to sell
how  much coupon?
what otehr class do?
sedap tk?
bgs tk idea?
idea yg pandai sikit?

well after all the brainstroming the whole school each class
our class gona sell
-FLOAT let be break it up ~root beer i think ~vanila icecram ~ ice

-Karipap ~ tepung of coz

-roti ice cream ~duh!? a ice cream on top of roti

-cincau sibuk je zee

then service

paling laku!
till the end still got ppl keep on coming
fifa theme
i make my knuckle Germany! GO

hari tu hari yg memenat kan
ade kedai yg laku
ade tk

our class of coz lah laku
modal 100+
dapat 200++
so untung lah

our class sell girl

yes alin yas n adlina

and sell boy kot


after that
habis tutup kedai sampai kul 12
paling penat fizi zirul n daniel
asyik lukis2
last2 tkde pape dh nk beli

well all well end well
thx to all yg tolong untuk hari koperasi

4a gerai berjaye hahahaha
our advantage ialah kt dewan kite je yg jual makanan sedap muahahahhahaha

this week recap... on 4Arif on blogspot. your blog entertaiment no 1 site

special event.
-dhurkesh made pn syahaida uproar and get a new statement
-hari ter-open
-pertukaran tempat
-of coz, fifa duh
-Yeah Germany
-saje je masuk
-thats pretty much that i can remember

let go to on tuesday
there a perbentangan we have to do
and everbody was busy doing work
teacher sibuk tentang koperasi bincang
while everbody listen,
dhurkesh is doing his er... "work"
then cikgu marah " hey kamu ni dh melampau"
is true

dun play throw2 even teacher being good at us
she still a very cool teacher
is all ur fault!

then hari ter-open
or terbuke
i dun knwo the stories
so move on.. later i ask anybody to fill in

and on friday
due to some teamwork reason
there some changes in sit
cassandra go faiza palce
tira ali go there...
they bagaikan pinang dibelah 3 pastu di pisah kan
well they still together on recess or no teahcer time

then tomorrow is hari koperasi i gona make new post
written by:
Abang Haris
tk jadi lah
(a perfectly normal student)
on class no 17