Thursday, June 3, 2010

after.. well.. 3 week

lets recap what happen last 3 week
got hari guru ya
n bla3
the next day
i happy to say
welcome to hell

3 week of exam is very hell breaking
let see
i ask everbody that not in my school they were like
"3 week? y so long?"
"ur school dunknow organize is it?"
n i was like er...
ya can say that also

n some shock we got paper 3
other school dun even have paper 3
till next semester
well what to do

so we try our best to study
very hard of coz
except for me of coz
thank you i am of coz

anyway all i can say
is over
all plan not to go to schol tomorrow
well of of them
including ME!
happy holiday=)

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