Friday, June 25, 2010

after well holiday Duh...

on monday,
after 2 week holiday
the 2 week i sure u all feel alive..
n on that monday u dead dy.

i can see
everbody was half dead
n bag so light
due to "teacher sure give paper oni"

n it was rite
paper oni
so result came in
some happy some sad
n i dun understand low sad about his mark.
he got 100 mark in paper addmath
i was like what?
is he a human?
n he get addmath for 98%
i was like what? again

while everbody is about got one 60+
then some 50+
n tons of 50----

so the week go n off
i sure some of u think
when on rabu or so
wau... so fast finish one week school le
i just about think i start school
the time is so damn fast

n this few day got nothing special
but of coz paper exam
i thik next time i should key in the exam mark... should i?

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