Sunday, July 4, 2010

this week recap... on 4Arif on blogspot. your blog entertaiment no 1 site

special event.
-dhurkesh made pn syahaida uproar and get a new statement
-hari ter-open
-pertukaran tempat
-of coz, fifa duh
-Yeah Germany
-saje je masuk
-thats pretty much that i can remember

let go to on tuesday
there a perbentangan we have to do
and everbody was busy doing work
teacher sibuk tentang koperasi bincang
while everbody listen,
dhurkesh is doing his er... "work"
then cikgu marah " hey kamu ni dh melampau"
is true

dun play throw2 even teacher being good at us
she still a very cool teacher
is all ur fault!

then hari ter-open
or terbuke
i dun knwo the stories
so move on.. later i ask anybody to fill in

and on friday
due to some teamwork reason
there some changes in sit
cassandra go faiza palce
tira ali go there...
they bagaikan pinang dibelah 3 pastu di pisah kan
well they still together on recess or no teahcer time

then tomorrow is hari koperasi i gona make new post
written by:
Abang Haris
tk jadi lah
(a perfectly normal student)
on class no 17

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  1. hahahahaahhhaahaha pinang dibelah tigaa
    bongok xD