Thursday, July 15, 2010

Again this week on 4Arif, july 15 n of coz the rombongan

list of event!
-english project, ROBOTS.
  My team win
    -me of coz
-homework duh

-pn noran mengamuk again

-some conflict
-ok i lie alot of conflict happen

-sejarah perbentangan

-poor azila. for some reason,

and our kelas koperasi only get well
thats little!
ape nk buat

-Dhurkesh pregnant hahahahha

-a class rombongan-like to Mid Valley to watch Twilight Ecplise
  10 orang tau

i dun wan to nag but i the most busy ppl for this trips
have to think ,call ,cancel alot of stuff
who doest not agree i dun care
so plan is 2 group
original plan
8am n 9am
but irene tk jadi lak
since we late coz of her
then i call everbody n change to all 8.30
and our adlina haiz
tk angkat2
tidur je
but of coz at alst she ambik the phone

at alst we start about 9.00+
msot of us thinking
"can we get space?"
i was like dun know
while orapupu say " boleh nyer lah, hang cepat2 beratur"
so we take her advice
of coz the only reliable advice
and the one beratur n yas, ADLINA
(sory for wrong info)credit yas

and thanks to them we get PLACE!
even abit far apart
atleast nobody i sit alone

afthat eat at pizza hut
yas iwani n zirul not eating

then some of them go back ealier
while me daniel fizi nazirul orapupu n my daugther of coz lambat sikit
adlina folo her dad coz her dad is around...(creepy n i dont dare disturd her when i find out hahaha)

and for nothing to with 4A is hafizi n daniel come to my house
pengetua house to be more accuarate

lots of fun
of coz i the one taking photo

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  1. aku ngn adlina r yg beratur,
    pastu miar haris da nk dkt2 kaunter,
    die mencelah msok line.. :D