Thursday, May 13, 2010

tipical wed n thurs 12,13/5

on wednesday..
the day was veryvery very nothing special
in the morning some stupid karangan...
about.. hari ibu

then Agama again..
she kinda bad mood..
when she angry is nothing gud about it

then sivik
she just give us what coming out at exam then do our own work

learn about cumulative frequency something
new stuff but eazy

addmath learn somehitn glha
of coz lah VERY important!

after school i wit daniel go to 5A class
n go meet pn.Lee
n wish
HAppy birthday!!!!!
HAppy 25 Aniversary AGAIN teacher!

then i went to Daniel house..
his mum very kind
then bla3
at 1.50 waiting for the time go to scholl
he open his tv n watch Hannah Montana..
so funny
hahahah new episod for me lah

after that go math n science
n play saidinar n scrable
i idea ok
evne i not Mth n science
ADlina i know lah u win the game

then got the final chosing for hari guru
the Rentak hijau
U guys are the greatess!
even i cnat join but next year i try

n got this group..
they ar like ekk..
biar lah
uztazah hanani tk bg terus kan

PJK replace wit 3 mase fizik
it was very very long
n honestly
i oni understand some..

BOM some komsas lah ishak something
about a boy ...
at kampung...
that all lah
not everystory have a trilling tale u know

HAppy birthday TEAHCER!
we sing like 3 time coz some haven come in
each oen come in we sing again hahahaha
then we learn alot
so fun
then at alst we sing again 3 time HAHAHAHAHAH

nothing special lah
i was kinda boring
nobody to join conversation
so i at the basil sit
do nothing
practically nothing

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