Thursday, May 6, 2010


strong apologies for posting this late. something's wrong with my internet lately,
but yayy! i've fixed it. okay, no more mumblings and crapping, let's just start with the story already!

3/5/2010 and that's a Monday. our day in school start off with the perhimpunan.
as there was this watikah perlantikan for the librarians, we went into class rather late.
and BM was nearly over, but sadly cikgu Siti Nazira went into class and sempat gave us rumusan and pemahaman as homeworks.

then, PJK. GODDDDDD, i hate PJK. doesn't even feels like pj anymore. u guys know why lah..
for the girls, we had some notes and the boys...umm, i'm not sure what u guys did.

english. Miss Naajima was not around, so she left us with some homeworks - literature.
kene buat and paste them in the book, if not, must pay to the teacher. ngee~~

recess. makan makan, cakap cakap, bla3..

everyone then was super duper happy coz cikgu Syahaida tak ade. HAHA, seronok seronok.
no presentations and no homeworks.

after that, had chemistry. we enjoy learning chemistry not until Puan Lee gave us the physical properties and 3 experiments as homeworks. =_=

then, biology no teacher also. some of us wants to go home early, but suddenly there's this guru ganti enter the class on the last period. she has this serious expression on her face that just freaks me out. so, sebab takot sangat, tak jadi nak balik awal. so sad.

and that is all.

gomen nasai,


  1. hahah PJ for boys we practically no need do anything
    teacehr keep telling about his experience about dadah bla3
    so free hoho