Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Monday mayday monday mayday

I hate monday. & obviously, you too right? angguk! ok. back to the story.

today, (lets pretend like it is monday today ok dont ask me why ehem ehem)
errrrr, there's perhimpunan.I guess everybody hates that, ek? huh. sorry I cant eloborate no because I dont know why, I cant remember a thing also about what happened yesterday. like suffer from short term memory loss je but see laa. idk why huh!

me & ummi of course like always, jaga pagar. eh, with dhurkesh too. on bm period, we do some tatabahasa skills exercise or something. ok that's simple & simple's good because simple is not boring ahah! eh, today I bring camera to school you know. (really ke?)

then, err, pjk, we copy notes by notes, words by words, gossips with gossips. eh. salah. ahahha. B O R I N G. Bi period teacher dont come & she asked us the day before (& before) to revise the novel. seeee! the title of the book also I forgot  alreadyyyy. gahhhhhh somebody pls pls pls help meeeeeeee!

oyeah, it is Chemistry timeee! *with no-feeling face* teacher gives us a book, a photostated book of a book (?) ignore. ahhhh! then bio teacher never come, so we do the works teacher left for us, and we're rushing to finish it because asked us to send the book today. WTH today? okok. then he says that he just said so because he wants all of us to do the work ahahhahhha. run devil run! AOS.

then we go back home & woryy worry worry woryy about exam which is just around the simpang tiga!

*sorry, the post isnt that interesting, Ive lost my memory

coming-soon-exam modee,

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