Saturday, May 15, 2010

GOTONG ROYONG TODAY (dont rmmbr the date arghhh)

teacher asked us the day before to wait for her at lobi.

I arrive school a bit late. sorry but I woke up late a bit because I slept kinda late last night.
When me & Mirah reach lobi, we see teacher Syahaida & ummi & mira shaz. After a minute, haris comes with her mother. haha there you go, you made it!

then we just walk around, thinking should we go to canteen since there's hell lots of people, kitorang kan pemalu. ahahahhh. we just stand around surau. after canteen is nearly empty, we go there to drink some water, thirsty though.

everyone is at laman informasi!
OMG what to do. actually we want to lepak at canteen till the perhimpunan finish but teachers ask everyone at canteen to go perhimpunan. so we just go. ehehe. we walk behind MIC group to prevent people at perhimpunan to stare at us ahahhhah. puh-rarh-san.

everybody include my gang move to the gotongroyong place, but me, I have other things to do first.

at kelas, we bring out all our equipment which is obviously kain buruk. arghhhhh. then we (me ummi mirah yas) look for ustazah to take a pail (eh?) and yeah we got it. but must clean it first because there are cat (cat not cat ahah) or something. then we fill up the pail with water, half ful, and bring it upstairs.

next, they start sweeping the floor, cleaning the tingkap, which are covered with 1 inch of dust. and you know what, petang session of our class put the most effort to clean up the class hahha. Im not saying that my bro is hardworking or what ok, ahahha, and im not saying that we dont do all the clean up work or something. we do! ahahh.

ok. my bro & I did argue just now ahah. small small one.

then we all make some decorations and discuss with teacher about this monday. yeahh. we really should bring lots of tikar (pls ye kawan kawan, it's tikar! not karpet or permaidani ahhahha) since we have to divide our class into two ----- one part is for budak petang. haihh. so we just sit down, bersila, but the teachers will sit on the chairs, but actually, it sounds cooool you know, put the shoes at the doors, sit at the floor on the tikar, like rumah sendiri, awesome! can't wait hehe.

just imagine if we are using our old class, the no-need-to-kongsi class, surely no need to divide and all that. but it's okay, sharing is caring ahahhhaha. sokeyyy budak petang, we love you aahaha altho there're lots of sampah. ahahhhaha.

teacher wants to go back early, 10 am. yeahhh, earlyyy! but it's ok, and still, just now was cool hahahhh altho just few people came.

after locking the door & so on, they go back home. but not me & mirah, and the kaum adam (maya ahaha) because I dont know why ask them. me & mirah go to dewan. practising our text for monday & stuff.

after that we go back to MY home ahah. cooooooooool. lol. SENDIRI!!!

ehh you know what, today school's awesome, meriah gila! seronok!

p/s; cant wait for monday!


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