Tuesday, May 11, 2010

todayness ahahhha 11/5

uh-oh. exam is coming closer. wish us lots of luck luk luck :)

my starts with a smile (really ah?)
like always, we (me kesh ummi) jaga the pagar, and dhurkesh is absent. why laa. you know what, today, there was like hell lots of people late to school! like really really although there's an event in the balai gemilang for spmr (spm & pmr) candidates of smkdd1.

while me and ummi are walking back to class, we talk a light chat. the moment we walk into the class, everybody's like staring at us without any smile while reciting the ayat hafazan, and that's much caused by the mood, i can feel the mood flows in the air, the dullness mood, ahahhha ayat tabolebela. ustazah is actually mad because they all read the ayat hafazan so slowslowslow, waaaa~

then, pn ong dont enter our class for math period because like what i have said before, there's an event at the dewan tuh-dey, the Akujanji Calon SPM dan PMR SMKDD1. gasak. and actually I must be there too as one of the majalah sekolah members. kekeke. 

there's lots of scene of criessss, huggiesssss, so sad & emo. :"(

the ceramah is kinda cool actually because I put all my attention at the motivators ahhhah which I rarely do.
me & yasmin had a great time there.

back to class, they say Pn hema taught them lots of new topics. GOSHHHHHHHH, we're unluckykykyy :"(

sejarah period is one of my cant-wait period. yeahh. so cooooool lahh. we laugh a lot. ehehehe. & today nazirul got a new adik, syahira fadila ahahha. today also got presentation,

last two period is bi period. teacher dont come. so we do all the works given by teacher naajima. then basil borrow my camera and snapped lots of pics ahhhaha so funny.

"kau pemilik tulang rusukku, amirah"

his fav phrase ahhhaha. 

so, till then,


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