Friday, May 7, 2010

life problem... 4-7/5

due too somekinda of problem
n dun have a cooperation from somebody*cough2*
nt you zee
zee forget her day so nvm

we late posting
n of coz some Random anousymous...
nvr give some suppport also
tell that ***********
n **********
well if u dun like it go die
n get the out from here

so let start it
on tuesday....
well lets see
6 mase so free
pn syahaida dun have,inggeris dun have,fizik dun have
feel like this is the time where
u so free at school till u can die

on that day it self everbody keep ask me
y lah u break bla3
i was like half dead answering so many question

n on monday.. tambah yas punyer
fuad get a GF clap2
today i see fuad so different so enegetic n even giler
but when free time he just sleeping
like a zombie tk cukup tidur

today nothing special happen really...
every wednesday start wit KARANGAN
my god
about nyamuk denggi
well i suprise it so easy to write i actually done the work n pass up haha
then agame....
then Sivik
today is teacher pernilaian mase
got ppl come n nilai teacehr
so we have to be good girl n boys
listen what teacher say

it start wit a cardboard
then got agame kitab bla3
i sitting beside fuad that time
teacher say any sukerela?
fuad say lets go..
i also gogo
then a pack of human start go front
n start tampal2

after that we dengar n dengar
then the penilai blah...
we also bising balik
n i was tought today sivik kinda boring...
suddenly teacher keluar kan Oatkrunch
it is like the whole class favourite stuff
teacher say
"sape yg keluar td... boleh ambik"
i wil fuad snap from the sleepyness
n say we yg first hahaha

we get n fuad straight away buka n eat
n left one for his... well u get the point
i also open lah
n i can see amirul face of dissapointness
coz he didt jawab n didt get the biscut
padan muke

rehat i was gogin around the school cari kiren n dhurkesh bg the biscut
kiren was very gud give me the thing
n dhurkesh sure he ambk one

we learn about some kind og graph

addmath tkde special also lah

start wit PJ
well coz of PJ one mase
most of us malas to change clothes
n teacher ask us to run pamping
wit our school clothes
ape nk buat
buat je lah
then run who alst kene denda
of coz u guys think i the slowest rite?
but i didt get the punishment even teacher take top 5 last u know
coz i not the last ok..
then fizik we lean about inert
everthing got inert

then BM KOMsas about MErah silu soemthing
about a raje like to berjudi
judi is not good u know
i dun know y the hell u wna to judi
then recess i at pusat sumber
wit daniel
start to talk about life... n stuff

then chemist teacher amke joke again hahahhaha...
learn something new again

teacher not here again...
go sofball

that all for thursday

Friday... that is today where i writing now
it start wit Math
i thought fuad ponteng again today
suddenly he come
oh he came..

then azila tell me that fuad n his gf dh break
n i was like
what the?
i shout to fuad: what happen lah dei!
fuad:got lah something
me: it is like just 4 days..
fuad: yes haris 4 days

then BI
too bad no singing
some already get exicted to sing
but we are learn about
a story about the typewriter is getthing hunted
n a lady supposely
she is not bright enuff but brave enuff to talk to ghost
n that "chat"
i convince the typewriter have internet on it
coz it sound like they using Ym to "chat"
n at last the ghost say bye n she bye..
happy ending

n yah... today is Azilah birthday
i give her somekinda of vase that i tought made in japan
coz i buy at japan store
but she show me is china made
we laugh... haha gud time
that gift i buy for 1 year already
is originally for "her" but tk jadi

then sivik been replace by fizik
again we struggling to learn before dateline

then there addmath
nothing new
teacher again check who tk hantar
i pass both book
n of coz some not so lucky kene marah hahaha

so that all thx for read it
is kinda a brainstroming i try to remember what happen
but i manage to think the whole 4 day
n rewrite it
plz enjoy read it


  1. yes i do enjoy reading this! keke thanks!
    & sorry for my bad memory, ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. omg, 4 days.
    congrats2! *clap clap

  3. T.T....try to ^^ a'll feel better..==, you're making your life more miserable yourself, try to be yourself..>.=