Wednesday, April 28, 2010


(Wow!!! First time posting in this blog...)

Okay, So the suffer of the day is Sejarah. The period where everybody will be obedient as a golden retriever...We suppose to make use of those 2 periods to prepare a presentation about chapter 6. Well, those lucky ones suppose to bear the comments given by the teacher after they gave their speech ( Lucky I was the Writer...). When the speech was given...Pn. Shahaida make sure that all of us understand this chapter but everybody just pura-pura tahu shj........

After that, here comes the main entertainment! English Lesson, Everyone will take part in their acts (shows/ Drama) in groups. Well, every show on television has a judge, so Simon Cowell of the class will be Amirul.( Not spotting at all....Haizzzz). My group is about war, and we agreed among ourselves that the lesson of the story is fighting does not resolve anything!( Flashback!! The story suppose to be war, so we chose Genghis Khan and Shahrul Khan (because they share the same' Khan...) as one of the characters!! Then somebody gave an idea about Zee's Father..Ziarat Khan because they share the same Khan as well and it'll be funny!!! But after that we chose not too because it'll look like we're playing with other people's father's name..After that, we thought of the setting..Where will this so-called 'WAR' takes place? And Still, We thought of Zee...PAKISTAN!! To make this comedy even funnier, we changed the War Hero Genghis Khan to SateiKHAN..Well, KHAN is there....But the prize, what will be the prize? Everyone here are guys, and a guys weakness is beautiful girls!!! So we thought again, there are no beautiful girls in the group, so we turn Dhurkesh into a Beauty Queen and acts as a waitress is a high class restaurant. You know the rest when 2 guys fighting for a girl(a boy actually). To make a Bollywood style Gangsters film, we agreed that all must die.LOL). Well, you know the rest...

I'm so sorry for all the other groups...I'm suffering from Short term Memory Lost...I'm so Sorry. I'm out of ideas to write something out...Instead, here's a link for a nice song.( Although its a month old but its still a nice song.Links for Download aren't available yet unless you know how to copy the link to a Internet Download Software!!)◕‿◕


  1. Oh yea...I'm no Idiot, You Idiot!!!

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