Friday, April 30, 2010

SO-TODAY *28/4/10*

Okay. Todayy, it was like happening and totally kalut, uh, i dont know.

Our day in school starts with assembly & so on. But then, pengawas have a meeting. Blablabla. Next, we (nazirul. eric & me) are walking back to class when Pn Azliza asks us to open the hall door. Then I  look at my watch, gahhhh, 8 am smtg, it's okay, we just go & take the keys at the pejabat & open it. Then we go back to class, & OMG it's physics periodd, aaaa, haha,

After about 10 minutes, all the pengawas suddenly stand up & go out of the class. The rest of our classmates are like, "what happen? wtf (?)?" did you? I just say lah haha. Then we go spotcheck. Hahha, Amirah told me my liquid paper also was taken by the pengawas who are in charge for our class, aaahh, sokay haha. The situation was like happening gila because we do the spotcheck all at the same time. Heehee,

BM period of course like always ----- KOMSAS haha. We learn cerpen todayy, memori seorang tua. I love that story, err, i love all the stories haha. There is a moment in class where cermin mata also involved in the spot check thiggy.

Actually, today I am not being myself, that's why I dont really remember what happened exactly but it's okay right?

Chemist period, we laugh and laugh and laugh again. Eh, teacher's so so cool you know, soooo funny, i love you teacher! WE love you teacher! Haha & the funniest part where we all laugh like hell is when teacher tries to change our names into chemical properties (?). Examples, irenide, hariside, adlinide, haha, loooooooooooooool. & here comes the worst part --- teacher gives us tons of homework, then we are like what the hell? ahhhhhhh -,-

Bio period, teacher suddenly mengamuk. Yes, this is so real haha. Teacher mengamuk because some of us go to see Pn shahaida (she asked us to) to plan for the jamuan thinggy. Act today we must do an experiment on errr, albumen or something haha. But time by time, teacher is okay.

and today, time moves supremely extreme fast! (?)
is it? keke.

Then I stay back at school to wrap the gifts for hari guru. We gossip hehe. There are me, amirah, ummi, alin, amira haris, in the library.

..while part of our class who are joining the cupcake baking competition, are preparing themselves & the utilities. Huh. I am the biggest fan of cupcakes & sort of it includee muffin! Yummy! But I didn't join for some reasons. Hmmmmmmmmm, I feel bad + so sad sad.

But haris just called me, telling just now was awesome and meriah. Eh, i love meriah! & haris, why are you telling me all this, you just make me feel worse :(
but it's okay as long as all of you had lots of fun there! The way you tell me just now, it seems like you had a great great timee with them lah haris. Ayyo.

I think that is all for.................

Eh wait! Yah. Dhurkesh was absent for these two days & idk why. WHY?

& I think that is all for now honeybees!

Lots of love,


  1. hehehe.. i became speechless in University la.. Stil unexplainable...