Friday, April 30, 2010

AT LAST MY GOD 28/4/10 in the evening

                                                               yas group cupcakes!
                                                 yas hand the holding the cupcake n hafizi deco
this is the evening story...
plz read zeeha punyer on 28/4 below this post
n i know kinda slow we post the psot
i try to as fast as i can
but zee
she wan to get to perfection
ask ok or not
us "the" or not
i was like
haha zee no offense

so like what zee say
i told her how awesome is THE CUPCAKE!
well most ppl do muffin
the winner muffin also
my group muffin also
i see oni hafizi group that
really look like a cupcake

well my group irene darshini n munchi
i was shock(no experience)
2 egg oni ar?
otehr ppl 5-7 egg
i like ok..
so we stir n stir
from yellow
to white
to very thick brown

then our group is the slowest done
atleast its fun :)

hafizi group cupcake look so nice

no offense guys

so there go the day
at the bilik masak from 2.30 to 7
so long.
very very meriah
all taste nice
of coz got some not so
well biar lah!

                                                               my group cake of coz?
from the one u dun know
Haris lah
u know haris?

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