Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday morning... 24/4/10

                                          2 same bottle mine n fizi... nazirul n fizi..... censorship

n its on saturday
most of u maybe thinking..
"for what go to school"
"at home sleep better"
n of coz most of ur parent lets u guys ponteng

oni 20 ppl present
n 15 absent
is a gud number
coz other class lowest 3 ppl hahaha

anyway lets start the day
today is a special day..
another special day
is Hafizi birthday!
Happy Birthday.....
                                                                          fizi n his Bff
first time is bm..
like normal do rumusan
do do do then got pemahaman somemore aiya

next PJK
well teacher not around
then suddenly Adlina call me,fuad,n zirul go to 3B
for the next week monday
so we bincang2
no real naan
use oni some cardboard hahaha

then Bi
we get into group
n we start talk about QWERTYUIOP
is a novel to those that dun know..
the setting, the character the bla3
who cares
then i on my phone n put in my pencil box
n listen to song haha

then there we go recess

wait is.. sejarah before recess
ok sory

then is our heart warming teacher
Pn Syahaida
she like always
give some
ayat ayat "sayang"

then ask us to do objectif question
luckly abc oni
for once
this is the easiest sejarah i ever been on form 4

then now the recess
i was a quite nice recess
so little ppl
at canteen
n for the first time
fizi go to recess
n eat something hahah
after that got to koperasi buy again the oat kruch
so nice haha

50sen u know
how expensive is that
but its nice..

then there we sit at anjung
i nice coz got few ppl
                                                         few ppl n fuad taking photo haha

after than chemistry
the one that come today wont regrats coem to school
sory what everhappen
oni the one come can understand 100%
n i dun know how to explain hahahahah
i even ask zee hwo to explain n she say
"its jsut too awesome"
there u get that

then last biologi
fuad basil n nazirul hilang fine cardboard
n we at class stuck wit PEKA
after awhile
when almost finish school they back wit
zirul like it

                                                                 zirul is on the kekotaks
hahah thats all for today
is a awesome day!
thankyou for wasting ur time to read my post
                         Yang True
yang berhormat besar


  1. Hahahahahahaha,
    yeahhh, nice one haha :)

  2. did u guys bought the bottles together or what?

  3. wow.i miss it....i miss you all.....

  4. i bought it first
    then after sometime
    fizi say his sister got smae bottle as mine
    so he brought to school

  5. that you both can be the greatest partner ever Hahahaha so sweet, awwwwww :P

  6. Yes that's my point lahhh Muhsinn oihh, haihhhh :P:P