Thursday, April 22, 2010

Zeeha the carnivor time 22/4/2010

zirul on the skill

if u see, there somethign zee throw... the the white thing is paper that she aiming for dhurkesh

Today. This year of course. It feels so different to be in class when we were just started 2010. With those new people, with the changing environment- from a calm, odor-free, hideous class to stinky (from the garbage which is not so far from our current class), noisyyy (there are lots of budak petang, small kids, always make noise, it's really disturbing you know), hot (because the fans work like 100 years old man only like what Pn lee said this morning haha). I miss our old class huhu. But now, okay lah, I (& we) can manage ourselves in our veryyy curent class because it's bulan May already. But we still want to fight for our old class! Haha.

Today was really fun actually. At school of course. Altho Pn Norran kinda mengamuk today because almost all the student never do Physics work. Yah. Including me. Seriously, I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! teacher never give clear explanation about the homework la. Ayyo. haha. and you know what, yesterday I texted 6 people (or more I guess) about physics homework. But NO ONE replies me. Huhu so sad.

This morning also, in BM period, teacher asked us to come out & act. For komsas of course, the drama. So, Fuad, Azreen, Dhurkesh, Vimmal, Alin, Low came out. Hahah they were awesomee! Seriuoslyy, I never esxpect that. You guys seriously can be a very good actor. HeeheeThere was also a scene where Low (as Tuk Wali) is killed by I-dont-remember-who.

I Okay back to the camera story. I took kinda a lot of picture of our class. Haha, there's so much fun just now! Bio class also.& LOOOOOOOOOOL too!- LotsOfLovee :) Haris also brought camera to school. He took lots lots lots lots of pictures. Yalah. I am a shy person. That's why lah I didn't take looooooooots of pictures like what he did. haha.

Im thinking about putting some pics here.
But since my internet is acting like a buffalo,
Later lah I put the pics. Okay?

p/s; Lama tak tulis macam ni. :)



  1. Yeay!!!.. Go Zee... Love ya Baby!!..:)

  2. Hahahaa love ya too.
    Deyy, follow my blog laah.

    p/s; Finally u activated yr blogger acc laa adoi