Friday, April 23, 2010

Pouring ideas – 23/4/2010

AHA. Hi there, this’s the 4th post on this blog.

So, our day in class 4A starts with Maths by Puan Ong.
Nothing much, did some solving problems on chapter 5 & quiz .
Homeworks like usual, Puan Ong won’t miss that for sure!

English was fun! Miss Naajima gave us a task about creating a story,
sorta like a movie. A short movie. We start getting into groups & start talking(discussing). Yeah, we did talk a lot then. Fuad & Nazirul wants to join my group but got rejected by Zeeha. How sad, sorry guys! & owh yeah, my group had a lot of ideas in mind, we talked a lot. Ideas are being poured out too much. I remembered Nazirul was doing his ULBS but no one was listening kotttttt.. HAHA. Get prepared people coz we’re gonna start representing this task by tomorrow! Will be looking forward on it :D

I was not in class during Civics. Puan Hema called me to the staff room along with Irene, Darshini, Zeeha, Fuad, Haris, Nazirul & Basil. She called us to perform on next Monday for launching of Maths Week. We have to do a sketch on how to apply Maths in our daily life. Zeeha & me never wanted to perform, it was embarrassing. We had trauma issues due to some embarrassing experience back on those days – zaman dulu2, kan kan Zee? HEHE. So, everybody was kinda blur when Puan Hema wants ideas for the sketch.
Luckily, somebody, I don’t know which boy, haha, who gave an idea about doing a scene at some restaurant & there’s this fighting scene maybe between Darshini & Irene. BLA3..


During +Maths(Puan Hema again), we need to do Formative Exercise 5.4. Did the questions. Soooooo difficult. I can’t imagine answering it on the exam. Especially question 2! Ehemmm, anybody solved the question already??? Please, I’m begging, if you do, please donate the answers to me.. weeeeheeee.. The narrator, actors & actresses went in front of the class to practice the sketch when Puan Hema called them. I felt so happy to escape from it with Zee… HAHAHA. We don’t need to perform! Yayyyy!
& that was all for today,,,

To those who will perform on Monday,
I wish u all GOOD Luck!
*thanx for giving me a chance to post as well!



  1. Hell-o!
    It wasn't me who rejected them okay,
    it's just that WE dont want any boys in our group.
    Nanti tak best lah. Huhuhu,

    Btw nice post :)

  2. rite rite.. HAHA

  3. NO TM NOT COVERING okayy hehhhh
    ini semua fitnahhhhhhhh,

    p/s: there were eye contacts between us all derr