Friday, April 30, 2010

today.. nothing special really30/4/10

today friday
like always sleepy day
friday is the time where u
and i can feel the taste of freedom is jsut around the corner
after friday school we get 2 day off u know
so nice
is the day everbody waiting
that y ppl get so hype when on pn hema time HAHA

like everday
eveything start wit
"irene u look so sleep lke always"

n i told to everbody the same thing

so today first period math
it was very easy
basil got this borang somehting
something malaysia buku rekod
pertandingan like that
n of coz to get ur name in malaysia book record u need to win
so i was like hmm....

after that BI
teacher start the day by saying
"do u like song"
everbody say of coz lah yes rite?
eric say:" if we dun sing it ya we like it haha"
so we have to compose song
i team up wit hafizi eric dhurkesh n irene
i n hafizi is the oni one that are really into making a song
no pirated no tiru
really our own pure lyric n beat

We stand together,
Unite the fate,
We hold together,
To through out our misery,
Never surrenderX2 in our life
We have each other to live with.

Our heart is beating,excitedment is over flowing,
We are together, throught the reality,
Nothing can stop us, we are unbeatable
TOGETHER we are Awesome~~~~~

Ow yeah...

both of us idea jsut keep coming up we are unbeatable
n of coz three of them at there
just chating
then fuad n nazirul came
n check up our song
we have a very nice day
wit both of them help
we cna get the song even more nicer haha
then i tell hafizi"if our kejaye tk berjaya we can compose song HAHAH"

recess time
they all at my table n start talking aobut teh song
then irene coem wit her tupperware
fuad say:"iren what bread is that?"
irene:my mum make oen this bread got curry inside
then she give us some
it was very nice
me fuad n hafizi taste it
then our sivik teacher
spoil our mood

"haris kamu mane leh makan makanan dorang.... tk halal"
i was like"maneade cikgu"
3 of us kinda er.......
nazirul say if oni potato is ok

after that addmath
again got ppl wan to find adlina
the reason is she didt pulang kan buku AGAIN HAHAHAHAHA
then addmath goes by liek that
i buzy doing work n talk to alin n bla3
so that all for today bye!

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  1. Oh, anybody feel bad after eating'em???LawL